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Contains Anastrozole (1.0 Mg)
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Arimidex 1 mg.

Arimidex 1 mg is an antineoplastic drug from the group of hormone antagonists. The active ingredient of the drug Arimidex is anastrozole. The form of release is 1 mg tablets. The drug Arimidex should be stored at a temperature of no more than 30 ° C so that children do not get to it.

Indications for Arimidex 1 mg.

The instruction for Arimidex indicates that it can be used in the treatment of early hormone-positive, as well as advanced breast (breast) cancer in postmenopausal women. The drug Arimidex can be used both as the first drug and after tamoxifen therapy for 2-3 years.


Arimidex should not be used when:

1. hypersensitivity to Arimidex and its analogues containing anastrozole;

2. a state of premenopause;

3. severe renal or hepatic failure;

4. Simultaneous administration with tamoxifen or estrogen hormones;

5. pregnancy;

6. lactation (lactation period);

7. childhood of the patient (safety and efficacy have not been established).

Arimidex 1 mg should be used with caution when:

1. osteoporosis;

2. hypercholesterolemia;

3. ischemic heart disease;

4. abnormalities in the liver;

5. lactase deficiency;

6. glucose-galactose malabsorption.

Side effects of the drug Arimidex.

Reviews about Arimidex revealed the possibility of such side effects:

1. flushing of the face;

2. joint stiffness, arthralgia, arthritis, bone pain, trigger finger;

3. dryness of the vaginal mucosa, vaginal bleeding;

4. skin rash, alopecia, urticaria, erythema multiforme, cutaneous vasculitis, angioedema;

5. diarrhea, nausea, vomiting;

6. increased activity of liver enzymes, hepatitis;

7. headache, drowsiness, asthenia;

8. anorexia, hypercholesterolemia.

Method for using Arimidex 1 mg.

Arimidex tablets are taken orally with water. They must not be chewed or nibbled. In addition, you should try to do it at the same time.

The usual dose for an adult is 1 tablet (1 mg) once a day. For elderly patients or with mild problems in the liver and kidneys, a dose change is not required.

The drug is prescribed for a long time. Typically, the course of treatment is 5 years. If undesirable reactions or signs of an intensification of the disease appear, the intake should be discontinued.

Arimidex in bodybuilding.

The effect of the drug Arimidex on blocking estrogen has been adopted by bodybuilders. When taking testosterone and other androgens for the purpose of building muscle mass, they often find that part of the hormone taken is inactivated by estrogens. Taking 1 tablet of Arimidex per day allows you to solve this problem, as well as reduce the side effects of androgens. Therefore, although the cost of Arimidex is high, there are many bodybuilders who want to buy Arimidex online.

Special instructions.

Arimidex is a fairly common topic of discussion on the forums, but since most of the users of these sites do not have medical education, such reviews should not be taken seriously.

How can, for example, answer the question “Which is better, Femara or Arimidex?” Unambiguously. Each of these drugs has its pros and cons, and only a doctor can choose one of them, taking into account all the nuances. The question "What is better Anastrozole or Arimidex?" does not make sense at all, because Anastrozole is the active ingredient of the drug Arimidex.

Some people go to the other extreme when trying to compare Arimidex and Anastrozole Teva. As a result, they come to the conclusion: the composition is the same, so the medicine is the same. And if there is no difference, why pay more?

However, from a medical point of view, this is not at all obvious. The manufacturer Arimidex conducted research, developed a production technology, and selected the most suitable dosage form. Can you be sure that all manufacturers of the synonyms Arimidex exactly copy the original drug? Unfortunately no.

Therefore, taking, replacing, canceling or taking breaks in taking Arimidex can only be prescribed by a doctor. This is the only way to be sure that taking the medicine will benefit, and not harm.

Where to buy Arimidex?

While you can easily buy Arimidex online, it won't be easy to find it in a small town pharmacy. And the price for Arimidex in different pharmacies can be very different. How to buy Arimidex at a more or less cheap price? You can advertise “buy Arimidex”, and you can also search for ads “sell Arimidex” to find people who want to sell excess medicine or medicine they do not need. Thus, it is possible to buy Arimidex cheaply, but care must be taken not to fall prey to scammers. You need to check the expiration date of the purchased medicine, you need to make sure that the packaging is not damaged, and you also need to inspect the tablets themselves for spots, dents or bumps. If such signs are found, this medicine should not be taken.

Arimidex is a drug belonging to the class of aromatase inhibitors.

The drug is used as an auxiliary drug in the main steroid cycle to prevent the occurrence of some side effects caused by the intake of anabolic androgenic steroids.

Arimidex is actively used for clinical purposes for the treatment of malignant diseases, especially breast cancer in women, since it has an antitumor effect.

In addition, arimidex is quite popular in bodybuilding, and often bodybuilders prefer this particular aromatase inhibitor and no others (tamoxifen, for example).

For the first time, Arimidex appeared in the Balkan countries, but it gained its fame in sports thanks to American athletes who took part in research on this drug and proved its high effectiveness.

Arimidex is often taken not only on a steroid cycle, but also as a prophylactic agent during the usual training process.

The main value of the drug lies in its ability to treat gynecomastia, a disease that has caused the career to stop for many bodybuilders.

Action of the drug.

The spectrum of the main actions of this drug includes:

1. Treatment and prevention of gynecomastia;

2. Improving the body's regenerative capacity after exercise;

3. Prevention of high blood pressure;

4. Increase in the concentration of hormones in the blood with anabolic effect.

Side effects.

Arimidex is a drug that, one way or another, has not only advantages, but also disadvantages in the form of side effects:

1. Pain in joints and ligaments;

2. Increase in the concentration of harmful cholesterol in the blood;

3. Depressed mood, depression;

4. Fear and panic attacks;

5. Weakening of bone tissue;

6. Decreased growth of muscle tissue.

The main use of the drug.

If you notice the first signs of gynecomastia, then you should start taking the drug Arimidex within a daily dosage of 1 mg.

The duration of admission varies depending on the onset of the positive effect. For the prevention of the disease, when there are no visible signs of gynecomastia, 0.5 mg of the active ingredient should be taken 1 time in 2 days.

With prolonged use of the drug and the absence of any positive results, you should consult your doctor.

In the event of an allergic reaction, indicating an individual intolerance to the active substance of the drug, it is necessary to refuse to take Arimidex in order to avoid the occurrence of serious negative reactions.

In the event of any side effects indicated above, it is necessary to reduce the dosage of the drug or completely refuse to take it.

What to choose: Arimidex or Tamoxifen?

It is believed that the main advantage of Tamoxifen is its rather affordable price and high efficiency. Unlike Tamoxifen, Arimidex has a less powerful effect, but it is safer for the body, since it is less toxic to the liver and causes fewer side effects.

So, it is reasonable to assume that for the prevention of gynecomastia it is preferable to use Arimidex, and for the treatment of an already existing disease - Tamoxifen.

Reviews of the drug Arimidex 1 mg.

Athletes who are fond of bodybuilding consider Arimidex to be a very safe drug, but among the disadvantages they note its high cost.

Bodybuilders from the United States also attribute side effects such as insomnia and depression to the disadvantages of the drug.